Other aids

Ball retrievers

These are extending shafts with a gadget toward the end that gathers up and traps golf balls.

Stroke counters

It help a player monitor the quantity of strokes he or she has made amid an opening, a whole round, or both.


It permit a golfer to gauge precise separation to the opening from their present position.

Positional aides

It include a wide assortment of gadgets intended to enhance a player's position or swing.


Golf gadgets

Golf smartwatch :
This smartwatch utilizes worldwide situating to make sense of which course you're on. After that is set, the TomTom can give you separations to the green bits, perils, doglegs, and layups, alongside a computerized scorecard (you need to physically include the strokes, however it's superior to anything nothing). In a perfect world, the watch recognizes your gap as well, however our analyst Christopher Smith discovered it could get somewhat confounded now and then, in which case it takes just a tap to rectify it. Like a standard wellness tracker, it can let you know to what extent your round endured, how far you voyaged, and what number of calories you smoldered.

Smart Golf Club :
A Wi-Fi empowered smaller scale USB-charging golf club is a sensible expansion to the Internet of things, however with its related amusement such as programming and shorter length, it's intended for inside use. Another late Kickstarter-sponsored venture, the Smart Golf group hopes to convey to supporters in October. The leader of the club has a three-pivot whirligig, an accelerometer, compass sensors, and LEDs. It realizes what you ought to be doing, and by examining your caulking, backswing, downswing, sway, complete, and complete in conjunction with the club's way, head pace, and effect edge it can indicate what you're doing incorrect

Ballfinder Scout :
There's nothing more regrettable than losing your balls. Let the Ballfinder Scout ($179) help you chase for your stray shots. It won't have the capacity to discover balls that arrived in water or are totally secured, however the length of a ball is one percent obvious, this handheld gadget will look up to 600 square feet in only one second. With a 3.2 megapixel hello res computerized camera to find jumbles to 35 feet away, point the gadget in the range where you think your golf ball landed. Stroll up to the region and press the green catch. When it finds the ball, it will vibrate and show a red cursor section around the ball on the 1.25-inch LCD screen. The blue lights will control you specifically to the ball.

OptoSmart Putter :
This gadget has frickin' laser shafts! The Laser Putting Trainer LPT from OptoSmart permits you to the actual place with your putter for absolute best utilizing the laser light as a rule. It mounts to the club with the battery-worked remote force catch that can be put along the pole or hold. Accessible for both left-and right-gave putters, you can simply got it for $39.95.