Other aids

Ball retrievers

These are extending shafts with a gadget toward the end that gathers up and traps golf balls.

Stroke counters

It help a player monitor the quantity of strokes he or she has made amid an opening, a whole round, or both.


It permit a golfer to gauge precise separation to the opening from their present position.

Positional aides

It include a wide assortment of gadgets intended to enhance a player's position or swing.


Golf Clothing

Golf dress incorporates gloves, shoes, and other specific golf clothing. Particular golf clothing (counting shirts, jeans, and shorts) is intended to be nonrestrictive to a player's scope of movement and to keep the player warm or cool and dry while being popular, in spite of the fact that a typical generalization of beginner golfers is that of wearing garments that have for quite some time been out of design (or were never in vogue in any case), kept in the back of a drawer or storage room for the uncommon events the individual can play a round.

Shirts Male players ought to dependably wear caught shirts when playing golf made with agreeable material, for example, cotton or polyester. Turtlenecks are permitted also however not on each course. Female players have more slack in their decision of golf shirts. They can wear finish with or without collars the length of these completely cover their back and middle. Both guys and females are not permitted to wear T-shirts and tank tops in a fairway.

Gloves This is another discretionary extra to golf. Players can wear a couple of them however some put gloves on their prevailing hand as it were. They can give solace to golfers hand and facilitate the weight when swinging hard at a ball. Gloves can likewise give included footing a player's hold, which is fundamental so the golf club won't fly out of their hands when

Shoes Footwear is a standout amongst the most, if not the most, critical parts of appropriate golf attire. It can influence a player's swing amid the diversion and enhance perseverance amid a long round. Golf shoes must contain spikes in their sole to give security amid swings. The spikes can be made of metal, plastic or elastic.

Pants Long jeans is the most fitting for customary men's golf attire. Dress shorts might be permitted the length of it has a creased front. Ladies ought to additionally wear long jeans or dress shorts like the men however they have a third choice, which is a golf skirt a skirt with a cut crease on its front or its side sewn into an undershorts. Pants, workout shorts, running shorts, and b-ball shorts ought to never be worn when playing golf.