Other aids

Ball retrievers

These are extending shafts with a gadget toward the end that gathers up and traps golf balls.

Stroke counters

It help a player monitor the quantity of strokes he or she has made amid an opening, a whole round, or both.


It permit a golfer to gauge precise separation to the opening from their present position.

Positional aides

It include a wide assortment of gadgets intended to enhance a player's position or swing.


Golf Bags

A golfer commonly transports golf clubs in a golf sack. Cutting edge golf sacks are made of nylon, canvas and/or calfskin, with plastic or metal fortification and surrounding, yet verifiably packs have been produced using different materials, including elephant's penis. Golf sacks have a few pockets intended for conveying different gear and supplies required through the span of a round of golf. Basically all packs are segmented off with inflexible backings at the top opening, both for unbending nature and to partitioned clubs of different sorts for less demanding determination.

Carry bags are by and large intended to be conveyed by the player while on the course they have single or double shoulder straps, and are by and large of lightweight development to diminish the weight on the player or caddy.

Stand bags are in the group of convey sacks yet also include inflexible inward fortification and retractable fold-out legs, which make the sack a tripod permitting it to be safely set on the turf. Cutting edge convey sacks are usually stand packs even at low pricepoints.

Sunday bags are ordinarily publicized as "moderate" convey sacks; they have light weight and adaptable development permitting the sack to be moved up or collapsed for capacity without clubs, and have capacity pockets for the essentials of play however regularly need more propelled elements like isolated club stockpiling, protected pockets for beverages, stand legs and so on.

Staff bags are the biggest class of golf packs, and are for the most part seen conveyed by caddies or different aides to expert or abnormal state novice players. Staff packs are for the most part the same size or bigger than a truck sack, and regularly include a solitary shoulder strap, a lot of capacity for gear and even extra clothing, and expansive logo marking intended for item situation on broadcast occasions.

Cart bags are by and large intended to be bridled to a two-wheeled force truck or a mechanized golf truck amid play of a round. They regularly have just a simple convey strap or handle for stacking and transporting the sack, and no stand legs, however might highlight additional capacity or more tough development, as weight of the stacked pack is a lesser concern.